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!? photographed with all the feedback on it after 4 weeks of use.

!? is something in between Fine Art, Performance, Architecture and Product. In its core it is about the experience of self liberation and empowerment of our own selves in a time dominated by beauty standards and lack of connection with ourselves. The experienced is made possible not only by its physicality but by its placement and surroundings as well. Nudity is a currency and !? allows you to “buy” back a better image of yourself through the simple act of taking your own picture.

!? V1 with collages and explenation    !? V2 getting feedback from a user    !? V4 on the last day of user testing

!? 1:10 model with final graphics. scenario of a museum entrance.

!? 1:1 model of internal components. left image from top: wall section, camera setup and floor section with speaker. right image: lock and mechanism.

assembling !? in the middle of CSM   !? V3 getting painted                           one-way mirror installation on !?

"Home" collage                      "Brand New" collage         "Techage" collage                 "Love for the Few" collage

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