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School Desk 1:1 prototype photographed in the studio.

2.12Billion Tons of waste are produced every year by humans, out of which only a fraction of it is recycled. In order not to drown in our own trash whilst avoiding harming our environment more than we already do so we need to find new purposes for products that are sold as single-use.

School Desk, designed for VG&P, is reminiscent of an era where all this did not seem to matter. Clearly the need for change in our behaviour is essential for the survival of nature so the final product accounts for it by turning more than 2000 used yoghurt pots into something utilitarian and long-lasting. 

Made of 20mm "Alba" (recycled yoghurt pots) HIPS sheet from Smile Plastics and held together with stainless steel bolts only.

School Desk will be exhibited during the 2019 London Design Festival at the Lethaby Gallery (CSM)

School Desk 1:1 prototype and "wishbone" detail photographed in the studio.

Ergonomics study between 21 seating objects.

Sketch model development from 1:5 to 1:1, back to 1:5 and final 1:1.

Testing the final 1:1 sketch model whilst iterating the details.

Working on the first 1:1 models in the garage workshop.

Bend, router, thread and flex tests of 12mm "Alba" from Smile Plastics prior to acquiring 20mm sheet.

Prototype heat-bending process with custom made moulds.

"Human" collage                   "Nature" collage                                                                "End of the World" collage

Post-routing picture of me after finishing all the School Desk pieces by hand. The chips and scraps were used to experiment on recycling once again the plastic and to try to develop cushioning entirely made of HIPS for the seat and backrest of the School Desk.

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