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My name is Alexandros Angelidis, I'm a creative based in London interested in one-off and custom made pieces, whether its clothing, products or works of art.

I'm currently studying Product Design in Central Saint Martins but I continue to create pieces independent of my studies.

I work against the trend, appreciate aesthetics but do not sacrifice functionality for them. My work ethic is to ‘‘go get what you want, waiting will not bring anything’’, backed up by a one-man-show mentality I have built a wide portfolio spreading in many different creative directions. The work method I rely on is the materialisation of ideas and challenging the process between the physical and non-physical state of things.

My interests vary from conceptual art to physical science such as engineering.

Most of my current work is formed around the human, its body and its interaction with the surrounding world, such as my first solo exhibition ‘‘The World As We Know It’’ at the European Court of Justice (Luxembourg).


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